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"Of Aang’s three children, Bumi was the one who most encapsulated his father’s penguin-sledding spirit."

- Bumi’s Bio on The Official Nickelodeon Website.

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Korrasami week day 4: Change

I think Korra would make an awesome flapper with her new hairstyle, so I gave Asami a matching bob and dolled them both up.

I tried to mix 1920s aesthetics with the type of clothes these two normally wear, I think they look fabulous <3

(They always look fabulous)

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So happy to finally show you all what I’ve been working for the past 8 weeks! Here’s my re-imagining of the classic story, Peter Pan!

This is a project I did for my Color and Story class at Art Center with Richard Keyes. The class was assigned to create 4 characters and key scenes based on the story of Peter Pan. If you’ve followed me before my Art Center days, then you’ll know that Peter Pan was something I did for my entrance portfolio for college. It was fun to come back to my old project and revamp it!

In all honesty, I’m still planning on reworking several pieces for this project and add more characters and key scenes. BUT I thought I’d share regardless that way we can all see the progression of this particular project! 

Characters  :

- Hook
- Wendy
- Peter
- Tinkerbell
- Tigerlily (not added)
- The Lost Boys (not added)

Key Scenes :

- Wendy gives Peter a “thimble”
- Peter realizes Wendy is alive, Tinkerbell looks upon them with guilt
- Wendy decides she wants to return home
- Peter returns Wendy home and gives her a “kiss”

Enjoy! :)



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Harry Potter Travel Posters - Created by The Green Dragon Inn

Prints are available for sale on Etsy. Check more of their travel designs here.

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Dany and Drogon

Fun times! Digital collage I did for Beyond the Wall Game of Thrones fanzine, put together by Eva Eskelinen. The zine is sized A5, has 20 pages and features 18 different Finnish artists.

P. S. It’s only 10 EUR and you can purchase via email asoiafzine(at)

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The entirety of my Legend of Korra’s Book 3 Countdown! I hope you enjoyed it! (´・ᴗ・`)

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Jinora, my baby, I’m so proud and yet I wasn’t ready ;A;
The finale totally destroyed me in so many ways *curls into fetal position*

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I’m so pumped to see more of my girl so soon.

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Tahno and Korra in book 4 - I blame waryclefairy for this, really I do.
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